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Welcome 2016! | Biliary Atresia Awareness and Research

Welcome 2016!

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August 26, 2015
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May 16, 2016

Welcome 2016!

We are already coming up towards the end of January, so a bit behind on this, but we have been so incredibly busy lately!

We hope that 2015 brought you health and happiness! For us, it was a rather difficult year and we are very happy to have a fresh start. However, despite the struggles, there were many incredible moments and beautiful memories throughout 2015 and many milestones reached that we will never forget! The first ones for us that come to mind are: Natalie and Kathryn both graduated from high school, began Post-secondary education and celebrated their 18th birthdays. All are milestones every parent is delighted to share with their child, however it is even more special for us as they were not guaranteed milestones for Natalie. Both the girls and their mom also went back to England in summer to spend some long overdue time with family. Kathryn is well into planning and organizing her trip to Nepal, where she will trek the Himalayas for almost 3 months, and Natalie was honoured Patient of the Year Award by the Canadian Liver Foundation. Most incredibly special, was that our sweet fellow fighter Naomi received her liver transplant in July 2015!! Organ donors save lives!

2016 on a personal level has started off great and we are quite certain that most of the struggles we went through as a family are now behind us. In regards to Natalie’s health: It is a struggle and we know it is going to get harder as she gets closer to being listed for a liver transplant. However, we are optimistic it will be our only major struggle throughout this year and therefore 2016 on the whole looks as if it will be a lot easier for our entire family!

For BAAR, we have a few goals set that we are already working hard to achieve. Listed below are the goals we would like to accomplish in order to raise more awareness for Biliary Atresia.


  • Be featured on TV.
  • Do at least 5 public speaking events educating various people/doctors about BA
  • Encourage 100 people to register as organ donors
  • Hold at least 3 fundraisers
  • Put Biliary Atresia in the newspapers again
  • Reach 7,000 Biliary Atresia supporters on our Facebook page
  • Add more information about Biliary Atresia to our website
  • Release new Biliary Atresia merchandise

To all our valued supporters and Biliary Atresia warriors, we hope 2016 will bring you brighter and happier times. We hope it brings you greater health, happiness and fond memories, with as little struggle and hardship as possible. If you already know you are going to go through a difficult time this year (for example, your facing transplant), though whether it is Biliary Atresia related or not, we wish you the absolute best. May you have continued strength and bravery within you to push past all that is thrown your way. We hope you are able to stay brave and positive, and please remember that hard times cannot and will not last forever. Keep living life to your fullest potential, and wear a bright smile on your face. Please never give up.

From the bottom of our hearts,

The Williams family xo

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